5 Reasons Why AWS is the Technology Businesses Need to Invest

There is no denying the fact that incorporating cloud-based server architecture nowadays, such as Amazon Web Services, is a convenient, affordable and scalable practice to implement in your business. Whether your business is small, midsize, or large, (AWS) offers numerous functionalities to every organization, helping in the improvement of IT functions and process flow. If you are doubtful whether AWS is right for you, this post describes five reasons, why it is time to migrate to a cloud-based infrastructure. In a nutshell, cloud computing is the on-demand provisioning of IT resources using the Internet, instead of having resources on one (or more) physical machines housed in a data center.

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Why AWS is the Technology Businesses Need to Invest?

1. Uptime and Availability

Every organization hates the idea of their web services experiencing any downtime or loss of services and put in large amounts of money to avoid this contingency. Businesses are aware of the fact that there is always a monetary loss when a service fails, both external and internal. AWS offers one hundred percent uptime and availability for your web services, implying that your web services provider would never be the reason for your loss of revenue. Additionally, you would be sure to have sustainable services at all times, even during off-peak hours for the office.

2. Improved Security

Often businesses have a misconception that migrating to cloud compromises security. It is partially correct that cloud servers are prone to different types of attacks, but hosting your site on server instances incorporating AWS, enables you to deter almost every possible malware attack there is, thus improving the security of your data center. It is always preferable to incorporate AWS security with other state-of-art web server security software, which would further enhance the security of your public-facing servers and services and help you avoid critical data breaches.

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3. Scalable Costs

Scalability is one factor, that is the major selling point of Amazon web services. With in-house hosting services, organizations can be sure of having uniform IT costs, regardless of the number of resources. Amazon web services offer scalable service costs and are especially beneficial to midsize businesses, which have a peak and off-peak sales seasons. When it is your busy season, cloud service costs scale accordingly with the revenue, while in off-peak seasons, costs are reduced, thereby, improving the efficiency of your IT budget.

4. Performance

Cloud performance is faster than any internal physical server systems, period. Cloud services use multiple data centers across the globe so that users request information from the nearest geolocation. This ensures that data query from the cloud server takes lesser time to fulfill than if the server location is physically available at the office location only. Data transmission happens across the Internet cabling, at lightning speeds, but this transmission speed cannot negate the fact that it takes more time for data to traverse across the globe compared to the one traversing from a server a few hundred miles away. Thereby, AWS offers much better performance than the hosting local services from physical servers located at a base office.

5. Low Startup Costs

Amazon Web Services are cost effective with their scalability and low startup costs. This implies that even startups can procure certain advantages of the cloud without much investment into the startup equipment. Business owners and network administrators are well aware of the fact that setting up of physical server instances and networking topologies require significant capital investment upfront.

Wrapping up

By incorporating Amazon Web server hosting into their business models, business could start with a low investment upfront and accomplish the way up to higher costs as they grow. AWS is a full infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, which implies that any amount of servers, hardware and software could be introduced to an organization’s server topologies, without the high capital investment of buying equipment upfront. Additionally, Amazon offers a trial period for its services, so businesses can identify if the service is viable for them. So you do not have to skeptical regarding the inclusion of AWS into your business, just take advantage of the trial period services and see for yourself.