5 Business benefits you seek using Cloud Hosting as a Start-Up

The modern business is witnessing the computing shift towards cloud on a daily basis. The businesses that claimed to be ‘earth-bound’ are also shifting online towards clouds, ironically. The cloud hosting and computing trends has been a boon for many businesses by offering great flexibility and scalability, especially for start-ups. The technology has helped the start-ups to push their plight upwards to match the pace of big names in the industry in terms of technology.

Here are 5 reasons that state that why one must consider cloud for their start-up for the business benefits.

Why Cloud Hosting for Start-Up?

#1 Scalability: One of the prime reasons why start-ups must consider cloud hosting services is that it is highly scalable. This means the cloud hosting services can grow your business as per your requirements, even if it is temporary. The amount of storage and services can be quickly added or reduced with the help of few clicks through cloud. For instance, if you wish to promote your business through instances that can increase your website traffic, it ensures to cope with the demand instead of crashing. There is absolutely no need of worrying about the requirements beforehand, unlike various computing models where an estimation is required to be done on a regular basis for the business growth process. You can easily think of any number of resources you wish to start with and can gauge with the requirements according to your needs.

#2 Cost-effective: The biggest advantage of cloud computing for any start-up is the reduced IT costs that helps to set up the business without any much capital. Since there is no hardware investment using cloud, so cost associated to the onsite storage, energy, cooling, and maintenance also gets eliminated. All you have to do is to pay on a monthly basis as per the required capacity to your cloud hosting provider. You might also avail some of the extra benefits from your provider, such as an extensive 24x7x365 onsite technical support, spare parts, and backup power supply, which are very expensive to bear and maintain by a start-up.

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#3 Restoration: Once the business is shifted to cloud, it becomes more agile and fail faster. However, there is nothing to worry about the hardware and other physical assets. You can always scale back and bare minimum, if required to continue operating. With all the space and time, the cloud-based businesses can be easily restored and launched quickly.

#4 Back up: The cloud services providers often guarantee the uptime of 99% which means the servers are running and functional almost all the time, even during the power outage, equipment failure or slow internet connection speed. However, certain unforeseen events could cause the servers to shut down completely, such as in conditions like fire, flood, and in any natural calamity. To help you restore your business and keeps a backup of all your data and solution, cloud hosting assures the provision of recovering them to a great extent.

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#5 Accessibility: The cloud hosting services offers business flexibility that is really an advantage for any start-up. The business can be accessed globally across any device and from anywhere with an internet connection. You can easily manage the business from any distant location. This feature also helps in outsourcing and collaborating across the world since everyone works from the same updated file without having to keep a track of previous version numbers. This leverages the employees with the freedom of working while travelling or commuting and still managing the workloads efficiently.

Bottom Line

Apart from the cost and convenience, there are numbers of other supports offered by the cloud hosting providers to the start-ups. This helps the new industry to walk hand-in-hand with the bigger, more established competitors in terms of technological capabilities without the need of extra capital. Unlike the traditional approach that promotes gradual growth, the cloud helps the start-ups to grow drastically despite any financial restrictions.

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