4 Reasons AWS Auto Scaling is Good for your Business

Auto scaling is a method used in cloud computing and is based on the idea of load balancing. Autoscaling is of huge advantage to companies running their own web server infrastructure, leveraging cloud server hosting services, and the ones that can’t afford to reduce the total computing capacity at a given period of time. Given the demand for autoscaling, Amazon launched its own autoscaling feature in 2006 along with Elastic Load Balancing. Though Amazon auto scaling has been around for years, many are still unaware of its benefits.

AWS Auto Scaling
Pic Courtesy – Amazon Web Services


Continuing the discussion, the post discusses several benefits of Amazon auto scaling.

1. Fault Tolerance

Auto scaling is highly effective at detecting any unhealthy instance, terminate it, and launch an instance to replace it. Auto scaling is also easy to configure to use multiple availability zones and can also compensate for any unhealthy availability zone within a region.

2. Availability

AWS autoscaling allows you to set up multiple applications across the services in minutes. It automatically adjusts capacity of applications to meet the demand of  current traffic.

3. Cost Management

Amazon Auto scaling helps you optimize cost as you pay only for those EC2 instances that are in use. When using autoscaling, you can define a set of criteria that determines the launch and termination of EC2 instances.

4. Rebalancing

If autoscaling becomes unbalanced between the availability zones, it would automatically make up for it by rebalancing  the availability zone. It launches new instances before terminating the old ones, without compromising on the performance and availability of your applications.

The Bottom Line

Amazon web hosting is a secure cloud hosting service platform that offers smooth computing, flexible data storage, fast content delivery and other progressive functionalities that allow businesses to scale their operations, seamlessly. Auto Scaling, another feature of AWS enable businesses to carry effective management of the work even at the peak traffic and workloads. I2k2 Networks is an AWS advanced consulting partners helping businesses scale their operations and growth with round the clock technical support. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact at +91-120-466 3031 / +91- 9711774040,  or request a call back.