4 Essential Tools to Get the Most Out of AWS Organizations

4 Essential Tools to Get the Most Out of AWS Organizations

AWS cloud services include a rich list of services ranging from cloud computing, storage, analytics, and machine learning, all of which are useful for companies to seamlessly host applications in AWS. Apart from these well-known services, AWS also has a growing list of features that help you efficiently handle various aspects of the cloud services. One such tool is AWS Organizations, which helps in centralized AWS account management and includes centralized workflow, compliance management, and better control of AWS account groups. In this post, we will discuss a few useful tools that you can integrate with AWS Organizations to improve control of your cloud environment. Read on.

1. AWS S3 Storage Lens

One of the most-used services of AWS is storage. Storing data does not mean that you just keep dumping more and more data in the S3 bucket. Data management is also important. As more and more data is stored and the storage requirements change, it is easy to deviate from efficient data management, even with proper S3 storage tools. This can result in a storage solution that may be functional but very confusing. To avoid such a scenario, AWS has S3 storage lens that helps you with cloud storage analysis by providing visibility of stored data with the use of different trends and metrics. This helps you point out and fix anomalies and cost inefficiencies.

2. AWS Security Hub

AWS offers a multitude of various security tools that alert you about potential threats and anomalies or notify you when a threshold is surpassed on a particular metric. The only problem is that each service has its own set of alerts. This requires going back and forth between services to address all of them. To avoid this, you can use the AWS security hub that allows centralized management of security alerts with efficiently organizing and prioritizing of alerts.

3. AWS License Manager

In a large company, there are multiple vendor software licenses such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft. Managing so many software licenses can be daunting as you have to ensure that you never breach the terms of the license agreements. AWS license manager allows you to replicate the license terms and helps you avoid any licensing violations. It notifies you of any potential violations and prevents the launching of any instance that violate your licensing agreement.

4. AWS Audit Manager

Auditing is important for security and compliance but it takes away a lot of your precious time. AWS Audit Manager simplifies risk assessment through continuous auditing of your cloud environment. This makes it easier and simpler to ensure that you are always in compliance with industry standards. This can be a great way to audit large cloud environments where there is more than one account being operated and keeping track of everything can be hard and time consuming.

Wrap Up

AWS cloud services are great for improving your company’s efficiency and productivity but they need a great deal of expertise and experience to manage and organize. It is recommended to partner with a service provider that not only helps you with setting up your cloud environment but also extends comprehensive support for efficient management of your cloud environment. i2k2 Networks is a certified AWS partner that has a team of technocrats with extensive experience in handling AWS cloud services such as AWS web hosting, AWS Relational Database, and AWS Media Services. To talk to one of our experts at +91-120-466-3031 or +91-971-177-4040. You can also email us at support@i2k2.com.