4 Essential Services a Data Center Service Provider Must Offer

4 Essential Services a Data Center Service Provider Must Offer

Building and running a scalable, secure, and highly available data center for core applications is simply too costly for most businesses. Many companies struggle even to get the capital for new IT equipment, let alone arranging funds to build and run a data center or improve their current facilities. Most businesses want to focus their limited funds on innovation and growth, rather than operational and infrastructure costs. Choosing an efficient data center solutions provider is an economically viable option for businesses to manage a big database and access agile IT infrastructure that is scalable according to customer demands and business requirements. Top data center companies in India such as i2k2 Networks have evolved beyond just providing data center facilities to a wide array of managed services. Let’s have a look at four essential services that a data center service provider should offer to clients.

1. Managed Hosting Services

Managed hosting services allow data center service providers to host clients’ servers, operating systems, storage, networks and databases, freeing them from data center infrastructure costs. Managed hosting services allow you to pay a predictable monthly fee and can also be used to fill the IT skill gaps in an organization.

2. Managed IT Services

IT companies are always under pressure for faster deliveries and the need to stay ahead of data security challenges. It is important for IT companies to hire staff with a wide variety of skill sets for the evolution of their IT architecture and applications, which can be expensive. Managed IT services allow you to transfer your day-to-day operations related to your IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for in-house staff for such operations, lowering your operational costs, and helping you improve efficiency.

3. Managed Security Services

Enterprises today face an unprecedented number of data security threats on a daily basis. They are also under extreme pressure to maintain compliance to meet service-level agreements or SLAs that require huge demand for resources. A data center service provider that also provides data security services can help you maintain compliance and protect sensitive consumer data at very nominal cost as compared to hiring in-house staff.

4. Migration Services

Migration of databases from an in-house server to a data center server requires meticulous planning and execution to avoid delays and errors. With the transition onto a new environment, it is important to ensure that each component in the facility is compatible with your requirements and ready to accept your infrastructure right from the start. A data center service provider can help you plan migration methodologies that are efficient and compatible with their data center components to ensure seamless migration.

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Wrap Up

A data center is a long-term investment, which may cost you more to move out than it costs to move in. It is important to remain mindful of your long-term business goals when choosing a data center service provider. i2k2 Networks is one of the top data center companies in India, offering comprehensive data center solutions to clients and helping them handle database management issues more efficiently. Our data center services are cost-effective and offer instant scalability because of first-hand ownership. Talk to our team of seasoned experts by calling +91-120-466-3031 |+91-971-177-4040 or share your requirements at sales@i2k2.com.