4 Essential Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

When opting for dedicated server hosting, it is important to remember that not all dedicated servers and service providers are made equal. They will often differ on various aspects, with some being helpful for your business while others might not. This article will list some of the essential features of dedicated server hosting that you should keep in mind when looking for a dedicated server provider.

1. Up-to-date Security Measures

2021 has been a record-breaking year for data breaches. The operations of a company can grind to a halt if its servers get hacked, which can further lead to legal ramifications and loss of reputation. With the average cost of a data breach being close to 3.6 million dollars, companies should make security a priority when looking for dedicated hosting in India. It’s good practice to ask if the dedicated server hosting provider offers intrusion prevention, dodos protection, up-to-date firewalls, and dedicated IP addresses before making a choice.

2. Different Server Choices

One of the most important factors is having the freedom to choose a business-specific operating system. All servers have specific applications compatible with their respective server. If your company primarily uses Windows applications, then it’s better to choose Windows server rather than Linux.

3. Minimal Downtime

Downtime can be catastrophic for any company that runs critical applications. A study showcased that IT downtime can cost up to 5600 U.S. dollars a minute, which means that a company is bleeding money every time the servers go offline. Having a host that can provide you with 99.9% uptime by implementing network load balancing and failover solutions allows you to reduce your losses and deliver without fail.

4. First-class technical support

Many times, IT teams need support to troubleshoot issues. The inability of the dedicated server hosting provider to resolve these issues at any given time can lead to loss of business. It is imperative that a managed dedicated server provider is available 24/7 by phone, email, or live chat.

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Final Word

A dedicated server is a crucial tool for almost every company. These are some of the essential features everyone should look for when you buy a dedicated server. i2k2 Networks offer all these essential features and more. Our team of technical experts takes the time to understand your business logic and provides you with the best solution that suits your needs. You can connect with our team today at +91-120-466-3031 or fill out our Contact Form.