3 Things to Look for in a Web-Hosting Service Provider

3 Things to Look for in a Web-Hosting Service Provider

You’ll come across several Web-hosting service providers in your search for a Windows dedicated server hosting. While the abundance of options seems good, it comes with its fair share of troubles. It becomes essential to know the parameters that are helpful in evaluating a service provider. You should look for features that serve as the benchmark for the whole industry. i2k2 Networks is an established player offering dedicated web server hosting services in India for large enterprises and high-traffic websites. To help you understand the hallmarks of the best quality windows dedicated server hosting services, let’s look at some of the aspects that must be central in your considerations.

1. Operating System Choice

You may require a specific type of operating system based on your choices and preferences. Freedom to select your own choice of OS is crucial whether it is Windows Server OS or Linux. Most people prefer Windows simply because of its benefits such as allowing you full control over your virtual environment. Linux is also playing a big role in IT infrastructure. It all depends on your need, level of comfort, and preference.

2. Security

Security has paramount importance in the IT industry. This is because a mere security glitch can bring the whole organization to a standstill. Indian Laws such as Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 take breach of data very seriously. Along with that huge fine, reputational damage, and legal actions by customers need to be considered too. DDoS protection, intrusion prevention, firewalls, web app security are some security features a Windows dedicated server hosting should provide.

3. Technical Support & Customer Support

The IT industry is constantly-evolving. The guidance of an IT specialist is necessary when things get too technical. Supportive customer service executives are just as necessary as IT specialists and they must be readily available when you need them. Organizations looking for Linux Dedicated server or Windows dedicated server hosting services can expect 24/7 support from I2k2 Networks as we are committed to a performance-oriented, cost-effective, and managed.

Parting Notes

i2k2 Networks serves 4000+ clients across the globe. We are the go-to place when looking to get top-notch Windows dedicated server hosting. Our team of experts is always ready to discuss your requirements, answer all your questions, and get you the most favorable customized deal. Call us today at +91-120-466-3031 or +91-97-1177-4040. You can also email us at sales@i2k2.com. We’ll be happy to serve you.