3 Reasons to Opt for Linux Hosting

When we talk about web hosting, the first thing that usually comes to mind is hosting websites. Linux dedicated servers are the go-to choice for most organizations looking to host websites. There are a number of benefits associated with dedicated Linux server hosting. In this blog, we are going to discuss the different ways you can utilize your managed Linux server.

Decoding Linux

As you may already know, managed Linux hosting is an open-source operating system that uses a Linux-based server to host websites. One of the biggest advantages of dedicated Linux server hosting is that the source code can be updated, altered, or redistributed in both commercial and non-commercial situations. That is why it is called open source. Linux is a popular operating system among web hosting companies and internet users because it is free and provides users and servers with flexibility, alternatives, and customization. It’s also a more practical alternative considering the limitations that come with other hosting servers.

Why use Linux hosting?

Full administrative control

With dedicated Linux hosting in your arsenal, you have full control (root access) over software, scripts, upgrades, the operating system, and applications. In fact, all of the resources belong to you. It’s worth noting that these controls are not available in any other form of web hosting. You can use all of the server resources, including CPU, bandwidth, and RAM, without worried about performance degradation during busy business hours.

Dedicated bandwidth at your disposal

Linux hosting makes it extra simple to scale your server resources up or down as your demands change. Your hosting firm will take care of all the intricacies, leaving you free to expand your resources as needed. The scaling process is as simple as placing a new order and proceeding from there. Dedicated servers come with high bandwidth allocations and plenty of system resources. All you need to do is order more resources when you’ve reached your limit.

Optimum security

If your security requirements are higher than the normal public cloud, hiring a dedicated hosting company is the only sure way to meet your demands. When your business has a dedicated server, you get the option of installing the highest level of security available. A dedicated server gives you access to high-grade firewalls and security monitoring tools to ensure the security of your site, app, and data.

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Final word

A dedicated Linux server is an essential tool in your business arsenal. When purchasing dedicated Linux server hosting services, it is crucial that you deal with a reputable company. When looking for a web hosting company that offers managed Linux servers, i2k2 Networks has got you covered. Our team of technical professionals takes time to learn about your requirements and then recommend the best solution for you. You can reach out to us by calling +91-120-466-3031 or filling out our Contact Form.